I'm a digital product design director with 15+ years of experience crafting interactive experiences for over 100 companies, some international awards, and a successful exit. I work closely with early-stage founders understanding their business and providing holistic end-to-end design solutions on long-term engagements with a team of remote specialists who under my leadership consistently deliver all the required design efforts for a startup to launch, iterate, move fast, and scale.

some startups that i've worked with


As a founding designer to this Silicon Valley startup, I led and hired a small team to set a holistic design direction, working alongside the founders by helping them emerge and secure $10M from major investors.


I led the design at this Canadian startup offering free online financial plans through a robo-advisor. I created a unified design direction, improved web applications, and worked with development, marketing and founding team.


I Co-Founded and led design and creative efforts for Clube FII, a SaaS for Brazilian REITs offering resources and tools for investors. After 7 years of bootstraping, the platform reached 300k users leading to a successful exit.


I’ve worked directly with the founders on the first MVP release for this US based startup that helps businesses accept various payments, manage customers, get paid faster, and more.


I worked as their design partner, designing a series of initiatives for a diverse range of verticals, including an ecommerce website powered by shopify to sell exclusive graphic novels.


I worked as an advisor to this Canadian Legaltech Startup, supported by the Founder Institute and helped creating a unified design direction and designing a MVP that supported the launch of the product.


I developed a MVP for this remote people management B2B SaaS startup on a paid trial basis. This endeavor served to assess the viability of assuming a co-founder role within the company.

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