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About the Project

Paqt is a startup from Canada that offers a user-friendly and collaborative approach to contract creation. With Paqt, individuals and teams can work together to create custom contracts that align with their unique needs and preferences. This innovative tool streamlines the negotiation process and helps maintain positive relationships between parties by providing a clear and transparent framework for discussion and agreement. Whether you're a small business owner, a legal professional, or simply someone who wants to ensure fair and equitable contract terms, Paqt is the ideal solution.


My Role on the Project

I took the role of design advisor, working for equity and in charge of designing the entire platform, which resulted in creating style guides, interface components, prototypes, personas, and user journeys aiming for the launch of the MVP. The design system eventually expanded into other mediums like presentation decks and even business cards.


The Design System

When I joined the project, most of the features had already been determined. However, there were still many areas for improvement and establishing style guidelines, and consistent screens were necessary. To address this, I created a Design System that included typography patterns, color schemes, shadows, border radius, and other assets. I then applied these new patterns to all components used in the document creation process and chat section, resulting in significant improvements.


User Journeys

Given the innovative nature of our product, we took great care in crafting a user journey that would foster a positive relationship from the very first point of contact all the way through to successful negotiation and beyond. This involved a thorough analysis of the various touchpoints that the user would encounter along the way, as well as an in-depth understanding of the user's needs and expectations. By approaching the user journey in this thoughtful and deliberate manner, we are confident that we have set the foundation for a long and fruitful partnership with our users.

Building the Document Editor

The Document editor operates on blocks of content that can be easily edited or rearranged by the user. It also enables multiple editors to work simultaneously and engage in real-time discussions, enabling users to suggest changes or add comments to specific parts of the document.


Building the Chat

To emphasize the significance of a healthy relationship throughout the negotiation process, our app now includes a chat feature. This feature allows users to share specific sections of a document with others in the chat and assign permissions, such as editing or viewing capabilities and signature requirements. Additionally, users can extract all chat content to ensure the reliability and security of the signed contract. The chat serves as the source of truth in this case.


Other Sections

I have implemented a user-friendly sidebar navigation that enables smooth and efficient navigation between diverse sections of the platform. Moreover, users can effortlessly view all their active contracts and access the latest documents from the dashboard screen.



In order to ensure a seamless user experience, a fully functional prototype of the application was created and tested with users from start to finish. Additionally, various prototypes were developed to explore and evaluate different interaction methods, enabling users and the development team to select the most effective and practical approach.


Next Steps

The design content and journeys for our product were created using Figma from August 2021 to November 2021. Although the product is still in production and undergoing early-user testing, we have participated in significant events for start-ups and fundraisings. The creation of the Design System will help to make future changes consistent and efficient.


Many Thanks to

Thanks to Anatolii Shkliaruk, William Muir, Mike Anderson, Kostya Suspitsyn and the rest of the Paqt team for trusting my work.

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