Good Move Dubai App

Improving the health of people in Dubai

about the project

The Good Move Dubai initiative was a project commissioned by the Dubai Government to promote a healthier lifestyle within the Dubai Community. The challenge was to walk, jog, or cycle until you reach the entire distance of the world. The project was supported by an app that tracked your progress, a website, advertising campaigns, and promotional videos.


the problem

Dubai citizens use cars for everything. The obesity rates were increasing and the top authorities from the government (especially the Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum who is a sports aficionado ) were concerned. They believe that the key to a strong city lies in its people and the desire to be their best selves. The Dubai Government needed a social project to make a positive difference in Dubai’s future in having healthy and empowered individuals.


the app

The advertising agency BBDO in Dubai received the brief and came with the idea of making an app that tracks the movements of the user by linking with different fitness devices. The app then calculates the amount of distance taken by the user every hour and makes a comparison to the distance to reach a certain city.

Based on this idea, the app showcase challenges where the user has to go from one city to the other, starting from Dubai. The main objective is to unlock the world by walking, jogging, or cycling from one city to the other. The app is available on the IOS and Android platforms.


the launch video

Under my art direction we produced and launched a video explaining the project. The video went on youtube, website, TV, and outdoor advertising in the most famous Dubai landmarks. The video shows different people walking, jogging, and cycling from Dubai to the world.


the advertising campaign

Following the same art direction through the entire project, we created a series of print ads that were advertised in newspapers, magazines and outdoor media.


the badges

We created different reward badges for milestones achieved by the users, that could be used to gain prizes. Through the accomplishment of the challenges, the users earn badges and if they are fast enough, they win real rewards.


the website

I designed a fully responsive website to promote the app and talk about its features.


the outcome

Approximately 500.000 people downloaded the app and participated in the challenge. In aggregate, users ran a total of 8 times the length of the planet burning around 1.992.080 calories.


my role on the project

I was working for BBDO Dubai as a Head of Design and for this project, I took the role of design director but also art director and designer. I led a multidisciplinary team of designers, motion designers, and illustrators, making sure every piece of work had the same creative and art direction consistency. Besides that, I designed most of the main app screens, website pages, and print ads. I was also involved in key meetings with the client presenting work and representing creatively the agency.


many thanks to

David Tamayo, Murtaza Ali Talib, Syed Rashid Ali, Ashab Saleem, Iman Al Shaybani, Samantha Malimban, Duncan Bell, Theo Lambert, Rafael Bergamini, Gustavo Leal, Ito Andery.

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