Context 365

Connecting active investors with high-performing managers

about the project

Context 365 is a community of family offices, venture capital and private equity firms, fund managers, institutional investors, and select industry colleagues and partners in alternative investments.

The Context 365 app and matchmaking technology help investors find managers and deals that best fit their mandate and outlook. It's the first capital introduction app of its kind, powered by longevity in the industry that has helped create billions in historical allocations.


my role on the project

I worked for Context 365 creating a new Design System to support their digital app and redesigning the main screens for many device sizes using Figma. I was responsible for creating all the design styles and responsive components that composed the Design System and after that, making a complete redesign of the main screens of the app using the new styles and patterns, considering the responsive layout and the user experience in any device or screen size.

the design system

Based on the current brand and colors, I proposed an entirely new Design System inspired by some patterns from Material Design, such as Drop Shadows, Cards, and Sharp Icons. New Design Components were created with their respective variations and prepared for any screen size. Also, complex chart and table components were proposed especially for this project and prepared in different sizes.


responsive design and

Having the first Design System library done, I redesigned the main screens of the app, considering how the layout should be depending on the screen size. To make this, I used different grids and breakpoints to simulate the interface aspect for each screen size and guarantee the best user experience on any device. Breakpoints are customizable widths that determine how the responsive layout behaves across device or viewport sizes.

the results

Redesigning the interfaces using the new Design System provided more visual consistency on the final product and a better dialog between Development and the Design Team.


many thanks to

Jacob Rogelberg, Mike Palmer and the Context 365 team that helped and clarified in a lot of moments, and the Development team that provided me with valuable insights for creating a truly functional Design System.

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